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How to Record iPhone Calls for Free

Recording phone calls is a bit of a grey area. We strongly advise against recording a phone call without permission. If you are recording a phone call, always let the person on the other end of the line know that you are doing so. You wouldn’t record a video without permission, and the same basic

How to Stop WhatsApp from Downloading and Saving Photos, Videos Automatically on Android

WhatsApp is used by over a 1.2 billion people worldwide, and 200 million in India alone. It can become an annoyance too when it downloads all the media files automatically, from pictures to videos to, more recently, GIFs, not to mention audio files and videos. These not only clutter your phone’s gallery and music player

How to Transfer Money From Paytm to Bank Account using Paytm App

Paytm has become the digital payments app for many people in India after the demonetization drive, and the company has added thousands of merchants to its platform within days of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement of scrapping Rs. 1000 and old Rs. 500 currency notes. From vegetable vendors to grocery stores, everyone is joining the

How to Use Google Authenticator App to Secure Your Gmail Account

Two-factor authentication is a needlessly complex sounding name for a very simple way to secure your email, social media, and most other online accounts. While two-factor authentication technically means you have two layers of security protecting your account – typically, one a password, and the second is usually a one-time password (OTP). So most people