How to Mirror Your iPhone or iPad’s Display to a TV via a Chromecast

The way it works is to daisy chain Airplay mirroring from your phone or tablet to your computer, and then using Chrome’s desktop mirroring via the PC. There are plenty of apps you can use to take care of the first part, but while most are free to try, you have to pay to keep using them. We use a free app called LonelyScreen.

How to Mirror Your iPhone or iPad’s Display to a TV via a Chromecast

  • Make sure your iOS device, PC, and Chromecast are all connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Install LonelyScreen on your PC – it works and is free on both Windows and Mac.
  • On your PC, launch Chrome, and go to the menu, then click on Cast.
  • Click on the arrow next to Cast to, and click on Cast desktop. Then, click on your Chromecast’s name.
  • Okay, now you’ve got your desktop on the TV screen. The next step is to get the iOS device onto the desktop.
  • Run LonelyScreen. You can click on the LonelyScreen text to change the server name, or leave it alone.
  • Now, on your iPhone or iPad, swipe up from the bottom to show the Control Centre, and tap on Airplay Mirroring.
  • Tap on LonelyScreen to start mirroring your screen.
  • Click on the LonelyScreen window and maximize it.

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