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How to Record iPhone Calls for Free

Recording phone calls is a bit of a grey area. We strongly advise against recording a phone call without permission. If you are recording a phone call, always let the person on the other end of the line know that you are doing so. You wouldn’t record a video without permission, and the same basic

How to Turn on Night Mode on iOS

It’s not good to spend a lot of time looking at screens, especially close to bedtime. The blue light that’s usually emitted by most displays can affect the body’s circadian rhythm. It can cause you to have trouble sleeping. One of the most effective ones involves making the display warmer, to better protect your eyes.

How to Use Emergency SOS on iPhone

Calling the emergency services is one of those features that you hope you never have to use on your iPhone, but knowing how to use it is essential. For many years, the process wasn’t straightforward – you had to bring up passcode entry, then choose emergency, and dial the number of your choice. That changed