How to Create a Chrome Extension for Your Website

Creating an extension that pulls the RSS feed of your blog or website and displays it right on the browser can help boost website traffic and engagement.

How to Create a Chrome Extension for Your Website

  • Download an HTML editor(Notepad++ and Komodo).
  • Open your text editor and create four new files and name them manifest.json, popup.html, popup.css, popup.js.
  • Leave them blank for now.
  • Fill in the name, description and default title fields according to what you would like to call your extension and how you would describe it.
  • Add your extension’s title in the title field.
  • This will create a web page that will be attached to your extension’s icon in the browser.
  • Fill up this webpage with content from your RSS feed.
  • Create popup.js.
  • Add the URL to your RSS feed in place of ‘myfeedurl’ above.
  • Create an icon to represent your extension.
  • You will need to design png images of four dimensions – 128×128, 64×64, 48×48 and 26×26. Name them 128.png, 64.png, 48.png and icon.png respectively.
  • Put all these files in a folder.
  • Zip them and upload to the Chrome Webstore.

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