How to Block SMS Spam on iOS

Before you start blocking SMS spam, you need to be aware that the third-party apps you use to solve this problem will be able to read your messages. If your privacy is very important to you, this could be an issue. Be sure to read the privacy policy of the app and see if the

How to Book an Uber Cab Without the App

When you need to take a cab, you probably pull your phone out and start the app and make your booking. But if you’re sitting in front of your PC in the office, you don’t actually need to take the extra step, and can book your cab without pulling out your phone.It’s actually easy to

How to Add Google Adsense Ads Below Blogger Post Title

Google dsense is used by majority of expert bloggers for their website monetization because it is a cookie based contextual advertising system that shows targeted ads relevant to the content and reader. As bloggers are paid on per click basis. They try various ad placements on the blog to increase the revenue and get maximum clicks on the ad

How to Take a Screenshot on Android

Taking a screenshot of your Android phone’s screen can be a bit confusing, since the process isn’t the same on every device. Here are the different ways to take a screenshot on Android. How to Take a Screenshot on Android If You’re Running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and Above – If you have a shiny new