How to Protect WordPress Content

Search engines rank you based on the material you create. Unfortunately, as the number of websites grows, content theft is becoming increasingly widespread. You should produce a lot of unique and high-quality content if you want your website to rank and appear higher in search engine results.

Protect WordPress Content
Protect WordPress Content

High-quality content is more likely to receive shares and backlinks from authoritative websites, which helps your website rank higher in Google and other search engines. Your content can be stolen in a variety of ways by content thieves. They can use keyboard shortcuts to steal your content, drag content after selecting it, right-click to save photographs and other content, and so on. We talking about how to protect your WordPress content effectively.

How to Protect WordPress Content

How to Disable Right Click on WordPress Content

How to Protect WordPress Content by Password

How to Protect WordPress Content by Password in Content Visibility

  • Edit your post want to add a password.
  • Change Visibility To Password Protected
  • Click Update.

How to Protect WordPress Content by Password Using Plugin

  • Download and install WordPress Password Protect Page.
  • While editing a page or post, you will see the Password Protect WordPress section on the right hand.
  • Enter a password to protect your content.
  • Click Update.
  • To protect the whole site, go to the plugin’s Settings page.
  • Tap on the Advanced tab.
  • Enable Password Protect Entire Site.

How to Add Membership level to your WordPress Content

  • Download and install Paid Membership Pro.
  • Go to Memberships >> Settings.
  • Create a Membership level.
  • You’ll also need to create some pages for your membership site, such as the Levels page, which allows users to choose and register for memberships.

How to Block a Specific IP Address From Accessing your WordPress Website

  • Download and Install Htaccess Editor.
  • Go to Settings >> WP Htaccess Editor.
  • Add Rule.

order allow, deny

deny from

allow from all

  • Replace the sample IP with the one you want to block.
  • Click Save Changes.

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