How to Search by Image on Google on Desktop

Everyone knows how to use Google Image Search that lets you quickly find images on the Internet. But not everyone knows about the search by image, that can help you in a wide variety of cases. Sometimes you want to search for the sources of images, or maybe you have an image on your computer or found one online, and you want a high-resolution version or want to check if someone has posted it online. Or perhaps you want to check the authenticity of the latest WhatsApp forward you received. Or you have a picture of a table, and you’d like to buy the same one, or you’ve seen a picture of a cartoon character you are not able to recognize. These are all scenarios where Google’s Search by Image tool can be handy.

How to Search by Image on Google on Desktop

  • Open Google’s Search by Image page.
  • Click the camera icon in the search box.
  • Now you can paste the URL of the image you’ve found online and click Search by image.
  • Alternatively, you can click Upload an image, then Choose File. This lets you upload any image stored on your computer.
  • Once the image is uploaded, you’ll see results for similar images, web pages that have those images, and you can click on More sizes to find the same image in different resolutions.

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