How to add a YouTube subscribe button on a Website or Blog


YouTube is an American video-sharing website. It has become a popular secondary outlet for many bloggers, and it’s a platform that shouldn’t be overlooked. Since most of the current generation frequents YouTube often, it is a great way to gain additional followers and drive traffic to your main website. Getting subscribers can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin, but luckily if you already have a blog or a website, YouTube offers a couple of tools to allow your readers to easily subscribe to your channel.

How to add a YouTube subscribe button on a Website or Blog

  • Go to Google Developer’s website.
  • Enter your YouTube channel’s name.
  • Select a layout, theme, and subscriber count option.
  • It will display a live preview of how your button will look on the website.
  • Simply scroll down to copy the embed code.
  • Paste the YouTube subscribe button code to your blog or website.

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