How to Take Full-Page Screenshots on iOS

In iOS 13, you can screenshot an entire webpage easily as long as you’re using Safari. We’ve already seen long screenshots on some flavors of Android, but it’s a new feature for iPhones and iPads and you should make the most of it. It doesn’t work with other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, or other apps such as WhatsApp. Long screenshot tool saves these screenshots as PDF only in the Files app, and not as images in the Photos app.

How to Take Full-Page Screenshots on iOS

  • Open Safari, and launch any website.
  • Take a screenshot.
  • If you have an iPhone with Face ID, you can take screenshots by pressing the volume up + side button.
  • If you have an iPhone with Touch ID, you can take a screenshot by pressing the home button + power button.
  • After the screenshot is captured, there’s a preview that stays there for a couple of seconds.
  • Tap the preview.
  • If you want to save this, tap the Full Page tab at the top, right next to Screen, and select Done.
  • Tap Save PDF to Files.

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