How to Enable or Disable Automatic Updates on Mac

There are a lot of reasons why Apple wants its users to keep their Mac software up-to-date, with security fixes and the latest features at the top of the list. So Apple has recently started automatically downloading the latest version of MacOS onto most people’s computers. With the latest version of MacOS, Sierra, Apple is automatically downloading the major update, which takes up about 5GB of space. These days enabling automatic updates have become the norm on practically every operating system. This has its benefits, you don’t have to manually download updates to apps and all critical security patches are downloaded automatically to your phone or computer.

How to Enable or Disable Automatic Updates on Mac

  • Click the Apple logo on the top left and open System Preferences.
  • Click on App Store.
  • Now you’ll see a bunch of options dealing with automatic updates on macOS.
  • To disable automatic updates, click on the tick mark next to Automatically check for updates to uncheck it, which is checked by default.
  • To enable automatic updates, click the empty box next to Automatically check for updates. You’ll see a tick mark in the box now.

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